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Wake up!

Yeah, cracking window now! *kicks the window open*
Ok lets get some topics flowing here,shall we?
It's the Cheese n anvil inn,nai?
Okay, so why doesn't everyone explain the type of character they'd bring into this inn? Example: this is my character, the information of course is at the info page but oh well, I'm posting it, muahaha:

Dreaflona is usually seen about the tavern helping out in ways that she can.She is often quiet but can carry a good conversation as well as start a good brawl. Being a drow she has a knack for starting trouble but otherwise she can be a decent female.

She's a drow of exile, she carried out a duty of assasination and the person who called for the duty then had her arrested and thrown from the drow society into exile for almost 100 years. She's both exotic and eccentric.

As for storytelling around here I may eventually type up something about this character that I have in a novel where it shows her true nature in the older days.
Okay so let's get some other people posting in here please.

Let's turn up the heat,shall we?
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